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    Contract Negotiations
    All CE agents are also licensed attorneys with significant contract drafting & negotiation experience. This allows us to have an even better grasp of the terms in a contract and makes your money go further. Never hire an agent who isn't an attorney. We have negotiated hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of contracts and our contract expertise carries into other realms such as marketing, finances, & real estate. We know how to maximize compensation for our clients whether they are first round picks or undrafted free agents and to ensure their families are cared for during their lives and beyond. Attorneys also know how to ensure their clients are protected from the liabilities that come with being a professional athlete. This is an area non-attorneys simply don't understand.
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    Draft Preparation
    The CE team takes all steps necessary to guarantee that our clients' talents are maximized to ensure peak performance during the pre-draft process. We place our athletes in the hands of top-notch trainers and nutritionists to maximize their physical capabilities and put them through rigorous interview prep and Wonderlic test prep to maximize their mental capacity. Our lone goal is to leave our clients feeling they did everything possible within their control to improve their draft stock. Meanwhile, our agents are constantly in the ear of front office personnel and scouts to maximize our client's exposure and to improve their stock in any way possible.
  3. Marketing
    It is our ultimate goal for our clients to place their entire playing salary into a savings account where it can be invested and grown over time while living solely off of their marketing income. We hope to accomplish this by procuring mega marketing and endorsement contracts with companies that provide the best fit for our athlete both as a player and as an individual. We tailor a personal marketing plan towards each client to capitalize on what makes their brand unique and to maximize their marketing income. Our licensed attorneys have significant experience drafting and negotiating complex marketing contracts with mega-marketing companies to ensure that you are taken care of.
  4. Branding & Public Relations
    Branding & Public Relations
    No two clients are the same which is why CE implements a personal approach in building each client's brand. Our team utilizes websites, social media, press releases and the media to create a unique brand identity for our clients. The more we can make our clients stand out from other athletes, the more marketing opportunities and publicity will be generated for them and the more favorable teams will view them. When situations arise that have the potential to lead to bad publicity with one of our clients, our team swiftly manages such affairs to mitigate any damages, address the situation head on, and and to work to rebuild our client's reputation.
  5. Career Management/Post-Career Planning
    Career Management/Post-Career Planning
    We lay out a blueprint on how to succeed once the client has achieved their goals of reaching the professional ranks. A professional athlete faces many distractions in their career and we lay out a plan to prevent them from finding themselves in situations that will place their career and finances at risk. In such a volatile profession, it is important to always be looking ahead to the future. This is why at CE we find out what plans our clients have after their playing career is over and attempt to assist them in setting up their next career whether it be in broadcasting, scouting, coaching, or a completely unrelated profession, CE never stops working for its clients.
  6. Philanthropy & Charitable Efforts
    Philanthropy & Charitable Efforts
    Being a professional athlete, you instantly become a role model to thousands of people and it is what you choose to do with this influence that will define your career. You are one of the most influential people in society. The impact that an athlete can make is among the greatest influences today. To whom much is given, much is required. Our team of attorneys will guide you through the process of starting up a foundation and giving back to the community. We will also organize opportunities in the community in areas that you are particularly passionate about. We will not let you squander an opportunity to leave an impact far beyond sports.
  7. Legal, Financial & Tax Counseling
    Legal, Financial & Tax Counseling
    We refer our clients to outside help for their financial advising and tax services. We have vetted several NFLPA Certified Financial Advisers to assure our clients have somebody they can trust when it comes to handling their money. Too often, athletes leave their finances in the wrong hands subjecting them to fraudulent schemes. An athlete's career can be over in an instant and it is important to save as much money as possible for the future. There is a reason that almost 80% of athletes go broke and at CE we are determined to never let our clients add to that statistic. We educate and empower our clients to help ensure their long-term financial stability while setting themselves .
  8. Spiritual Guidance & Support
    Spiritual Guidance & Support
    In a profession where very few people genuinely seem to care about the athlete himself, CE cares about our clients as individuals with needs just like everyone else. We are concerned for each of our clients' spiritual well-being and make this a primary focus in our representation. We know that we there is much more to this world than sports. In addition to the team at CE, we have relationships with many pastors and Christian leaders who are available to our clients to assist them in any way possible.